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Noteworthy Changes/Additions to Proft's Web Site - 2003

15 Dec 03 Index.html Redid home page with holiday graphics. Undid on 26 Dec 03.
13 Dec 03 Tx42frames.html Redid 42 frames page appearance
10 Dec 03 42Home.html Redid 42 home page. Swapped with tx42.html on 1 Jan 04.
28 Nov 03 PerpetCal.html Replaced BestCal.html (24 Nov 03 below) with improved calendar
24 Nov 03 BestCal.html Added perpetual calendar link at Calendars page
19 Nov 03 Experience.html Added JavaScript table expansion to "About Proft" listings
  9 Nov 03 AbouTX.html Added popup sound control for music links (also Kelly.html)
  7 Nov 03 Kelly.html Added Netscape 6+ sound function for "C-5 Flyover" menu button
30 Oct 03 JSdemos.html Added new page for JavaScript demos (linked in Website.html)
28 Oct 03 CBrown.html Added Charlie Brown timed dedication on Kelly page (C-5 Flyover)
15 Oct 03 MilAir.html Added Maintenance Humor link and redid About Milair page
13 Oct 03 Kelly.html Added link to GE's Orville and Wilbur TV ad (removed in '04)
←9 Oct 03 Kelly.html, et al Added right-mouse pop-up menu, link lister, and C-5 flyover link
24 Aug 03 42Home.html Added new 42 home page with links to Proft's other 42 pages
11 Aug 03 Index.html Added Google Proft site search link to home page menu bar
  9 Aug 03 Tournaments.html Added new link to 42 Q&A, Answer #17
  7 Aug 03 Records.html Added JavaScript function to allow table to be sorted
  6 Aug 03 TDY.html Added JavaScript function to allow table to be sorted
  4 Aug 03 SuperBowls.html Added JavaScript function to allow table to be sorted
  3 Aug 03 NBAchamps.html Added JavaScript function to allow table to be sorted
15 Jul 03 Tx42FAQs.html New link added to 42 pages (answers to visitors' 42 questions)
14 Jul 03 NeatLinks.html Includes previous Find Box; added link to home page menu
  9 Jul 03 Download.html Updated downloadable files for the domino game 42
28 Jun 03 AbouTX.html Added more info links, top and bottom of page
20 Jun 03 WATC.html Added pop-up image/music to NBA Championships
12 Jun 03 FindBox.html Added find box link to home page drop-down menu and site index
  7 Jun 03 Acronym.html Added Pop-up Finder to Site Index
26 Apr 03 AbouTX.html Added jigsaw puzzle download (linked to Texas image)
23 Apr 03 NBAChamps.html Added link to NBA playoffs elimination chart
19 Apr 03 Fotos/Index.html Added hodge-podge variety of digital images
18 Apr 03 NBAchamps.html Added links to 2003 playoff schedule and team standings
14 Apr 03 Countries.html Added CIA information links to visiting country codes
12 Apr 03 SiteIndex.html Added site-specific Google search to site index page, et al
  4 Apr 03 SiteMap.html Replaced old site map; removed Quik Links from site index
  2 Apr 03 Links.html Added Quik Links to Site Index; new Commentary items
31 Mar 03 StockChart.html Added five-year market performance chart thru March 2003
24 Mar 03 Flags.html Added two links: aerial photo of flower flag and story
19 Mar 03 TX42frames.html Added survey form to determine 42 version visitor preferences
13 Mar 03 FMS.html Added page with FMS interest item (linked in Kelly notes)
11 Mar 03 TX42frames.html Added on-line frames version of 42, the domino game
  3 Mar 03 Download.html Added download option for installation of 42 frames file
  1 Mar 03 Improvements.html Added link to image map (patio/retainer)
28 Feb 03 Download.html Updated downloadable frames version of Texas 42
28 Feb 03 SiteIndex.html Added link to interesting tidbits at USA Today
10 Feb 03 Countries.html Added all country codes and a drop-down menu to CIA info
  2 Feb 03 Aboutx.html Added "Texas Symbols" link
24 Jan 03 SiteIndex.html Replaced site map link on home page with page index
21 Jan 03 Inflation.html Updated chart to show U.S. average inflation rate for 2002
16 Jan 03 Records.html Added historical utilities consumption records (30+ years)
  5 Jan 03 Countries.html Added "About" Visitors link to home page
  1 Jan 03 Index.html Redid home page

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