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I created my first web page in February 1997.  It was instructions for playing the domino game 42.  First posting was at, a free web page hosting service.  My web page was very crude by today's standards. Over the next few years, particularly after my retirement in late 2000,  I added more pages and refined them as I became more proficient in writing HTML code (and JavaScript). discontinued their free services, and I transferred my web pages to* in March 2001.  I continued to add and refine pages there.  Texas 42 (now at is the the most visited at my web site(s).  NBA champions is popular, too.  The History of Kelly AFB, posted just before the closure of Kelly, was a big hit with former Kelly employees. About Texas added a stepping stone to information about the great state of Texas.

About that same time, 50Megs downsized their free hosting services, and it was necessary to subscribe to their premium service to continue expanding my web site.  This turned out to be a worthwhile upgrade since it gave me more disk space on the server and increased my bandwidth allotment.  It also allowed me to FTP web page updates and get rid of the ad banner and the annoying pop-up ads.

Almost six years later, my son gave me the domain as a gift, and I hosted it at in November 2006.  I also upgraded my 50Megs account again to get more disk space and bandwidth.  (I upgraded again in December 2007 for CGI access.)

Thanks to Google, I've been able to find just about anything I need on the internet for my web pages: HTML and JavaScript code, applets, graphics, data, and other freeware.  Google stats provides professional and unobtrusive services free to personal web sites by tracking page views, screen resolutions, browser types, and other impersonal data that help me maintain web site compatibility with 42-player/visitor requirements.

My web pages were designed and tested for 800x600 pixel and higher resolutions in Internet Explorer and FireFox browsers via Microsoft Windows XP.  Some browsers do not always behave as intended, but the pages normally display adequately for viewing purposes.  If you find a glitch in any of my pages (or have a suggestion for improvement), please send e-mail.

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20 December 2007

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*Mega Web Services, a United Online Company, bought About Web Services ( and in April 2004.