About Proft
   • High School (Academy)
   • Associate of Arts (Junior College)
   • Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering   
   • Postgraduate courses
School Experience
  • High school junior class treasurer
  • High school senior class president
  • Track and Field (High School & Jr College)
  • Dormitory counselor (High School/College)
  • Campus Honor Court
  • Machine language programming
  • Newspaper deliveries
  • Marine armature winding service helper
  • Roofing/painting apartments and houses
    • Student banker
    • Building custodian
    • Groundskeeper
    • Building demolitions
    • Cafeteria dishwasher
    • Service station attendant
    • Sunday school teacher
    • Hardware store handyman  
    • Delivery truck driver

Career Experience
   • FORTRAN, CREATE, RUSH, JOVIAL, BASIC, PASCAL, C; post-retirement: JavaScript; learning PHP 
   • Instructor, Fundamentals of Radome Testing, outdoor test ranges
   • Chairman, Cub Scout Committee (Pack received Charles Agnew Dennison Scouting Excellence Award)   
   • Community Association Scouting Coordinator
   • USAF depot, intermediate, and organizational testing of avionics systems and Line Replacement Units
   • Pre-production planning, F-16 weapon system and other aircraft depot modifications
   • Production support, C-5, B-52, C-130, and F-101 aircraft weapon systems, flightline and shops
   • Lead production engineer (avionics/electrical); alternate Industrial Engineering Chief
   • Group leader, Command Hq Dual Path Engineering, Aircraft Divisions (5)
   • Project Manager, Military Construction Projects; facility design (layouts, electrical distribution)
   • Safety Officer, Aircraft Production Division; Leader, Directorate Stay-Fix Safety Team
   • Registered Professional Engineer (for 22 years until the licensing fee increased 900%)
   • Leader, Section Writer, C-5 Depot Maintenance Proposals (Performance, Management Volumes)
   • Evaluator, acquisition of contract aircraft maintenance, Government and industry offerors
   • Foreign Military Sales, F-5 avionics systems engineering
   • Cohost, TCG Worldwide Reviews, Switzerland and Taiwan delegations
   • USAF T-37 and T-38 aircraft avionics/electrical systems
   • Y2K project officer, aircraft weapon systems
   • Temporary Duty (TDY) assignments
   • Radome and antenna testing, X and Ku-Band
   • Team leader, Directorate Microelectronics Task Group
   • Member, Base Incentive Awards Committee
   • Team leader, Pacer Torch workload transfer (Inertial Navigation Equipment)
   • Team leader, B-52 Mod Readiness Review (support equipment)
   • Team leader, Kelly AFB Open House (exhibits/layouts)
   • Team leader, Base Customer Relations Committee (facilities)
   • Support equipment (purchase specs, calibration and repair); Level III Acquisition Certification
   • Equipment and facilities present value cost studies (investment/amortization)
   • Author, USAF and Base publications articles; contributor, Base history book
   • Script writer, "The C-5 Story" video, Programmed Depot Maintenance at Kelly AFB
   • Security/COMSEC officer and lead engineer (Special Access "Black" Project)
   • Member, Privatization and Source Selection Team (aircraft workload competition)
   • Workload transition and contract negotiations
   • Lead SPD Electrical Engineer, T-38 aircraft (less Avionics Upgrade Program [SPO contract])
   • Alternate Electrical Engineering Branch Chief
   • Aircraft electrical engineering dispositions to private contractor
   • Support Engineer, restoration of B-29 aircraft for static display
   • Proficient in MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint; statistical methods; HTML code and image editing
   • Military Airlift Command Logistics Support Award   
   • USAF Exemplary Civilian Service Award
   • USAF Outstanding Civilian Career Service Award
   • Researching on-line, organizing, analyzing, and charting   
   • Maintaining records and writing reports
   • Creating/editing web pages and digital photosAirplanes and home improvements
   • Family & playing 42 (a card game played with dominos)
   • My dogs & birds, e.g., Raven, Missy, Starly, and Peeps
   • Travelling (out-of-town)
   • Dressing up (suit, coat or tie)   
   • Supervision of personnel
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