Noteworthy Changes/Additions to Proft's Web Site - 2002

24 Dec 02 Flags.html Replaced dead links with active flag links
23 Dec 02 Kelly.html Changed link to point to new image of Wright Flyer
21 Dec 02 Calendars.html Added new features to linked printable 2003 calendar(s)
20 Dec 02 Milair.html Redid military aircraft page for faster loading
18 Dec 02 PooPix.html Added new page (pictures of poodles)
27 Nov 02 Calendars.html Refined calendars and added new link to 2004 calendar
25 Nov 02 Improvements.html Updated images for Phase II improvements
16 Nov 02 Commentary.html Added Comment #46 and reversed listing order of comments
14 Nov 02 Website.html Link added to home page menu about history of this web site
  2 Nov 02 Tx42.html Removed rating form; added feedback form
  2 Nov 02 Tx42.html Changed link to
26 Oct 02 Kelly.html Added link to vips.html (images of VIP visitors)
14 Oct 02 Tx42.html Added link to
  8 Oct 02 Tx42.html Added treys as West trump option (Download.html, too)
27 Sep 02 Changes.html Added this table to track web page changes
27 Sep 02 Participants.html Added Kelly names and e-mail for PicoSearch indexing
27 Sep 02 Archives-short.txt Added Kelly guest book entries for PicoSearch indexing
26 Sep 02 Experience.html Added link to Raven.rtf ("reports")
18 Sep 02 Aboutx.html Added links to notable Texans and song clip about Texas
18 Sep 02 TX42.html Added links to definitions and ccdominoes play on-line
14 Sep 02 Kelly.html Added Feedback Form at bottom of page
  5 Sep 02 Experience.html Added link to (home) Improvements.html
26 Aug 02 Superbowls.html Added link to Basic NFL Football
19 Aug 02 Commentary.html Added Comment #32.5
  7 Aug 02 Experience.html Added link to hand-fed white-winged dove (image)
  6 Aug 02 Index.html New home page featuring compact drop-down menus

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