Project - Phase I (Convert Covered Patio to Screened Porch)

The beginning (treated base plates anchored and wall framing started)

Wall framing, less sills, completed

Sills and rough sawn plywood siding completed (screendoor warp being corrected)

Doggie door, less curtain, completed

Wood beams for supporting suspended ceiling wall angles

New walls painted (doggie door curtain added)

Suspended ceiling grid started

Wire screening completed

Suspended fiberglass ceiling completed (insulated)

Anti-fracture membrane completed (barely shown lower left) and dry-run tile layout

Floor tile, less grout, completed

Tile grouting completed (less sealing and caulking along walls)

Preventive add-on: Hardware cloth bird barrier along wall top stringers

Finally, a place where pesky flies, gnats, and mosquitos don't bother you!

(Click Project for more photos of project site in 2003.)