Missy, the White-Winged Dove

     23-Jul-04: Found wet and cold baby dove on ground after rainstorm

Missy fed crushed seed gruel via eyedropper
<9-Aug-04: Weaned Missy from eyedropper
9-Aug-04: Missy flew away (twice), came back (twice)
11-Aug-04: Missy left/returned several times
12-Aug-04: Missy spent first night in tree
15-Aug-04: Missy eating all seed except sunflower seed
18-Aug-04: Missy's feathers ruffled (hit something in flight?)
19-Aug-04: Missy visited three times while watering front yard
25-Aug-04: Didn't see Missy all day.
26-Aug-04: Missy alive and well; "helped" with digging trench
28-Aug-04: Missy slept on porch (thunder)
29-Aug-04: Missy slept on porch (thunder again)
30-Aug-04: Missy slept on porch (thunder)
3-Sep-04: Didn't see Missy today
6-Sep-04: Missy moulting head feathers
17-Sep-04: Missy hung close all day (top photo)
28-Sep-04: Missy eats sunflower seed with other white-winged doves
8-Oct-04: Missy growing up: comes to eat but not play (less curious)
14-Oct-04: Missy visited, real clingy after cold front arrival
5-Jan-05: Haven't knowingly seen Missy since 14 October 04
Paul Proft

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