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Favorite Free Resources Used to Make Proft's Pages

  Web Page Packager   HTML Executable
  Internet Browser   Microsoft Internet Explorer
  Firewall (works with dial-up ISPs, too)   ZoneAlarm
  Virus Protection   Grisoft AVG
  E-mail Service   Netscape E-Mail
  Web Page Editor   Netscape Composer (included with browser)
  Web Page Accounts   50megs   Homestead
  Web Page Visitor Counter   WebCounter
  Web Page Download Counter   DownLoad Counter
  Web Site Search Machine   PicoSearch
  Web Polling and Guestbook   Sparklit
  Software (specific applications)   ZDNet   CNET
  JavaScript Resources   The JavaScript Source   Milonic
  HTML Code Validation   HTML Validator
  Unobstrusive site stats   StatCounter
  Search for everything else, e.g., GIF Animator, etc.   Google

Note: Some of the above sources provide more free services than listed.  (Visit their home pages for info.)

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